Echocardiogram (2D Doppler)


What is an Echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram of the heart provides with moving images of your heart and takes pictures that will help your doctor to evaluate the health of your heart. A specially trained technician (ultrasound sonographer) uses a gel to slide a microphone like device called the transducer over the chest area. No radiation is involved in this procedure and is non-invasive.

Why do I need this test?

You might need this if you have a chest pain, left arm pain, heart murmur, palpitations, heart attack, heart defect or any other history of heart disease etc.

How do I come prepared for an echo?

There is no special preparation for an echo. You should take all your medications unless your doctor specifies otherwise. You should eat and drink as you would normally do. The test takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

What happens after the test?

The doctor will interpret the test result and the report will be sent to your family doctor.

Patients please bring your OHIP Health Card and a list of your medications.