Holter Monitor Test


  1. What is a Holter Monitor?

    A Holter Monitor is small portable device that records the heart’s activity (ECG) continuously for over a period of 24 to 72 hours.

  2. Why is this test ordered?

    A Holter monitoring is used to diagnose heart rhythm disturbances, specifically to find the cause for palpitations or dizziness.

  3. What to expect during the procedure.

    Setting up the monitor only takes few minutes and then you can go about your routine activities.
    You will be asked to sign a loan agreement form.
    A log book will be provided for you to keep a record of your symptoms during the time you have the monitor hooked on to you.

  4. How should I come prepared for the test?

    There is no special preparation for the test.
    Avoid lotions or creams to ensure proper contact of the electrodes on the chest.
    Instructions will be given as to when to drop off the monitor at the location.

  5. Results

    The results will then be analysed and sent to your family doctor.

Patients please bring your OHIP Health Card and a list of your medications.